2fargon (Carthik) (2fargon) wrote in kerala,
2fargon (Carthik)

First ever page on Kerala

Let it be known to all Malayalis that the first ever page on Kerala on the internets was posted by Vipin Gopal (the dude has his own wikipedia page *envy*).

I happened upon his page quite serendipitously, while searching for information about the authors of a paper I was reading on some adaptive middleware technology. Vipin was one of the authors and I wanted to find out which university the authors were from - so much googling followed and as usual, I ended up at the time-hole called wikipedia.

Well, long story short, I was happy that the internet took me to a page I would otherwise not have thought of looking for.

Vipin, btw, also used "God's own country" to describe Kerala for the first time, on that web page, and now its a global superbrand, and everyone knows Kerala as such. Cool, eh?
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